PA systems & Components, Portable P.A. and Battery Powered PA, Fitness P.A. Megaphones -  
wireless microphones, voice savers etc - to suit public speakers, club meetings, sports carnivals, marriage celebrants, schools,  tour guides, auctioneers, spruikers, 
buskers, school classroom public address systems and spare parts - we have the PA system for you!

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P.A. Systems

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Are you concerned about the new Australian federal laws regarding wireless frequency use in your area?
Did you know you that since 1st January 2015 you can be fined (or worse) for using UHF frequencies 694-820mhz?
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Portable P.A.
Battery-powered P.A.

Portable PA

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P.A. Systems
& components
PA systems and 			components
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Fitness P.A.

Fitness PA systems, headsets, beltpacks etc

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5 watt Mini megaphone... just 140mm across the horn

Huge 45w (max) megaphone from TOA. Horn size 13inches (330mm)

Portable P.A. limited only by your imagination!

Applications for professional quality portable PA and battery powered PA include marriage celebrants, school assemblies & sports carnivals, athletics & swimming clubs, emergency & evacuation procedure, crowd control & marshalling, public meetings & lectures, trade shows & presentations, Zumba/ dance classes etc, and tour guides.
Leading brands: Chiayo, Mipro, Soundart, Ashton, Roland
PA systems to suit duos, soloists & bands, school halls, churches, restaurants etc.

Background music (BGM) & paging systems for commercial applications such as shops, restaurants etc.

Assistive listening in school classrooms.

P.A. Components: Amplifiers, mixers, powered & passive speakers & sub woofers, stands, brackets, monitors, rack cases etc
Leading brands: dB Technologies, Rare Audio, Australian Monitor, Laney, Soundart, InDesign, Redback, Listenpoint
Portable or Fixed
Quality gymnasium PA Systems
for aerobic & general fitness, cardio areas and spin/pump rooms
Spare parts such as aerobic headset microphones, beltpack transmitters, pouchbelts, cardio theatre etc

Gymnasiums, Swimming Schools,
Fitness & Dance Instructors
Leading brands: Aeromic, Fitness Audio, Toa, Chiayo, Redback, Mipro, InDesign, Samson
(loud hailers)
from small to HUGE!

Used for school playground duty,
crowd marshalling, sports events,
public demonstrations, coaching,
beach patrols, etc.

Emergency evacuation procedures,
OHS requirements, etc

We recommend Toa - the inventors of the electronic megaphone!

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PA and wireless microphone Brands Available:
Chiayo, Mipro, Proel, Toa, Aeromic, Samson, Fitness Audio, Indesign, Listenpoint, Redback, Okayo, Rare Audio, Laney, Ashton, Soundart, Behringer, AKG