P.A. systems, portable battery powered PA system, wireless microphones, 
voice savers etc  - to suit public speakers, club meetings, sports clubs, marriage celebrants, school sports & assemblies, auctioneers, spruikers, buskers - 100v paging and 
announcement PA systems for shops, warehouses, offices, assisted listening in school classrooms/boardrooms - we have the PA system for you!

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P.A. Systems

Please email megaphonesplus@gmail.com
to order any of the below PA items!

Kustom, dB Technologies, Rare Audio, Sound Art, Australian Monitor, Redback, Chiayo, Listenpoint and more.
Email us to see what we've got that suits your needs, from small performance PA systems up to school auditorium and church setups,
as well as school classroom sound reinforcement and paging/background systems for offices, supermarkets, restaurants etc.

Click here for PORTABLE PA and BATTERY-POWERED P.A. Systems
(eg: to suit trade show presentations, school sports carnivals, marriage celebrants, tour groups etc

Brand/Model Description Our Price
40w paging PA suit small restaurant, cafe etc - RRP is $445 - Clearance Price $299
100v PAGING PA mixer-amp

40watts, up to four microphone or Audio inputs
    Suitable For
  • Retail shop
  • Coffee Shop
  • Restaurant
Larger systems to suit warehouses, supermarkets etc available


Ceiling, Horn & Cabinet speakers available seperately
Passive Mixer
Ashton 8 channel mixer (4x mic/inst plus 2x stereo)
With 8 input channels to play with, the MXL8 is great value. Each channel has its own individual 3 band EQ, so you can dial in exactly the sound you’re after for your next demo.
    Mixer Features
  • 8 Channels (4 x XLR/Jack, 2 x Line Level ¼” Jack, 2 x Stereo Line Input)
  • 3 Band EQ on all channels
  • LED Metering
  • Mains Output and Monitor/Headphone Output
  • Auxiliary Send and Return for external effects processing
Two year guarantee

Soundart SP6-400
400w general purpose PA package by Soundart.
6-Channel, 400W PA Pack. 6-Channel Stereo Powered Mixer in lightweight moulded case). 6x mic inputs, 2 x 200W RMS Outputs, Digital Echo, and Twin 7-Band Graphic EQ. Includes 2x 250w ST12 Moulded Speaker Cabinets (12inch Speaker & HF Horn) & cables and a pair of tripod speaker stands.

Also available in 8-input version for $100 extra
including pair of stands
Kustom Profile 100
Kustom Profile 100 PA system
Complete PA System with 2x 50w RMS speakers (each 1x 6.5" plus 2"x6" horn), Powered Mixer with 4 Mic/Line Inputs, 1 Line Input, phantom Power, Master EQ, and Effects. Includes 7m speaker leads.

More detail:
The Profile mixer/amp produces 100 watts @ 4 ohms and features 24-bit digital effects and continuously present phantom power. Each channel is very basic and all controls are via rotary knobs. Channels one through four sport balanced XLR mic and 1/4" line inputs, a volume control, a single tone control and an effects level knob. Channel five offers the same controls but instead of a mic input there is a 1/4" instrument and 1/4" line input. The instrument input allow you to plug, say, an acoustic guitar right into the board without using a direct box. The patch section of the mixer gives you a 1/4" insert in/out, a 1/4" effects end/return, a footswitch jack and RCA left/right record and playback jacks. The master section offers bass(100HZ), mid(1kHz) and treble(10kHz) EQ, all at +/- 12dB. There is a playback level knob for the RCA (tape/cd) jacks, a large master volume knob, an effects selection knob and an effects level knob. Eight effects are available: four reverbs, chorus, chorus/reverb, slap back and echo.

Soundart SCPA-100
Soundart 100w packable PA system
Complete 100w PA System with 5-channel mixer and 2x speakers that pack up into an easily transportable case.
Can be assembled within seconds making it perfect for on-the-go multimedia presentations, musical performances, press conferences, karaoke events or board meetings.
Features a 24-bit stereo FX processor with presets including reverb, chorus, flanger, delay, pitch shifter, and various multi-effects.
This pic shows how the Soundart SCPA100 packs away
For a limited time this system also includes the pictured pair of bonus portable speaker stands and matching carry bag valued at $79.95.
Kustom Profile 200
Compact yet powerful: the stylish 200w PA system from Kustom
Complete PA System with 2x 100w RMS speakers (each 2x 6.5" plus compression driver), Powered Mixer with 5 Mic/Line Inputs, 1 Line Input, 48V phantom Power, Master EQ, and Effects. Includes 7m speaker leads.

    More Detail:
  • 8-Band Master EQ With Sub-Frequency/Subwoofer Control
  • 6 Channels (5 Balanced XLR & 1/4inch Combo Inputs, 1 Auxiliary Channel)
  • Stereo Input on 5th Channel
  • Instrument-Ready Preamp on 5th Channel
  • 2-Band EQ (Bass & Treble) controls per channel
  • Monitor Volume Control Per Channel
  • Stereo Panning Control Per Channel
  • Discrete Stereo AUX Channel with 2-Band EQ
  • Stereo Mic-In and Line-In Inputs (1/8inch) on AUX Channel
  • 24-Bit Digital Effects Processor with 16 Effects
  • Exclusive Double Take Vocal Double Track Simulator
  • Phantom Power
  • Effects Loop
  • Mounts on optional Kustom Profile Stand (KPSSS200)
MMA30 or MMA60 or MMA60B or MMA60W

Fantastic PA for community organisation meetings has USB and SD card input! MMA30 or MMA6060w PA with wireless microphone
(Pictures show Front View and Rear View)
One of the most versatile PAs we have seen...

The 30 watt MMA30 is perfect for meetings up to 60-70 people.

All of the 60 watt versions can cater to an audience of 100+ with crisp and clear audio.

Host your karaoke parties and mix in the backing tracks from USB or SD card using the credit-card sized remote-control, or from your iPod or smart phone (using an optional $12 lead), or via Bluetooth on the MMA60B or MMA60W.

Weighs 6.5kgs and is only 16" tall!

30-watt $249
60-watt $299
60-watt-Bluetooth $349

60-watt with handheld wireless mic $499

Add $50 for a good quality plug-in microphone with 5m lead
Proel Flash12 powered PA speaker
(Pics show back and front)
The Proel Flash12A 250w active (powered) speaker is a new line of lightweight and easily manageable speakers featuring a full-range 12" speaker with polypropylene enclosure, a new-design high-frequency horn, with wide constant-directivity coverage angle designed to provide uniform response and low distortion. Trapezoid design allows use a a fold-back monitor as well as front-of-house applications. The speakers feature line input, line output, and microphone input with independent level control and 2-band equalization for enhanced sound modulation.

These speakers have plenty of "kick" for Zumba, Aerobics, or performance.
RRP wa $795 each, but CHECK OUT OUR DEAL!!!
Just ONE ex-demo unit left

Soundart SKC-120
120 watts - 4 inputs - trolley wheels & handle
All-in-one 120w PA on wheels!

120Watt RMS, 4 Mic/Instrument inputs, line-out, aux-in, 30cm (12 inch) Speaker and HF horn. 3-Band Master EQ, Trolley Wheels and Retractable Handle.

This is an extremely versatile, powerful and budget-friendly PA for the school on a budget!

Use it for your assemblies, hall performances, classrooms, P&C meetings etc.

Note: Although a portable unit, this system does NOT operate on battery.
Click for Battery-powered PA Systems
Listenpoint is a custom package to suit your classroom audio needs
School classrooms are noisy places!

ListenPoint is a one-of-a-kind educational tool.

A system that brings together multiple audio sources and puts anyone in the room right in the center of the sound. Every student is attentive and engaged.

Teachers don't have to raise their voice or strain to be heard.

Information is shared clearly and there are many studies showing that retention is increased dramatically.... and isn't that what it's all about?

Listenpoint systems use infra-red transmitters to beam the lesson from the teachers neck-worn microphone to a central receiver, which in turn sends the signal to ceiling speakers, ensuring even distribution to all of the classroom.

Typically a 10m x 10m room can be covered by the basic package, although expansion to suit a larger or odd-shaped room is available.
From $1699
(plus ceiling speakers)

There are many studies around the world indicating that use of voice amplification in classrooms has a significant and positive effect
on students' comprehension as well as on classroom behaviour.

Click here for an example.

Wireless tour group systems by Listan and Chiayo enable everyone to hear what you say Wireless tour group systems by Listen and Chiayo enable everyone to hear what you say
Wireless Tour Guide Systems by Listen and Chiayo

A proper tour guide system allows a tour leader or interpreter to communicate with multiple members of their party at the same time. These systems consists of a wireless transmitter and a head worn microphone for the guide or speaker, and any number of wireless belt-worn receivers (each with a single earpiece) for the audience. Simple to setup and use.

While the main usage is for walking tours or seminars, they can be used with great effectiveness in 4WD, Segway or Coach Tours.

...click for PA systems for all types of tour guide requirements
Australian Monitor

100v Public Address amplifiers are ideal for shops, schools, offices, warehouses, playgrounds etc.

Various models from 15watts to a massive 500 watts.

Email your room/area sizes etc to shop@merrylandsmusic.com.au or phone us 02-96377011 to discuss.
Rack Cases
rack cases of all sizes and types
All sorts of rack cases available... from 2U to 18U, open/closed top, wall mounted and mobile. SKB, CNB, Proel.
From $139
Megaphones from $29.95 to $369
Megaphones from $29.95 to $439. This 25w is $139.
We have many models of megaphones either in stock or available

Click here for
Megaphones or go to www.megaphonesplus.com.au
Portable battery-powered PA systems in all shapes and sizes. Chiayo Challenger Coach - new model from Chiayo is ideal for outdoors presentations, spruikers, school sports etc. Chiayo Stage Pro portable PA 150 watts!
Yes! She IS wearing a headset microphone!

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Portable PA Systems
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