Marriage and Civil Service celebrants need a reliable, lightweight, wireless, portable P.A. system with crystal clear output which will contribute to the professionalism of the ceremony. Chiayo battery-powered PAs (in particulcar the Focus 505 U2SRQH7) will satisfy the most exacting requirements.




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Portable P.A. System for Marriage and Civil Service Celebrants

Merrylands Music has now closed down,
megaphones, wireless mics, Chiayo & Soundart portable PA, Driver-mics, Fitness PA, Tour Bus mics, batteries, spare parts and other selected items are still available at my new website Email

Celebrants need a reliable, yet lightweight & stylish wireless P.A. system with crystal clear output which will contribute to the professionalism of the ceremony.

Please feel free to email us or ring us for some friendly no-obligation advice on which PA system suits your needs.

Our Price
Chiayo Focus 505
Minimum Celebrant requirement
Note: this picture shows Focus also fitted with a 100-channel wireless mic receiver
Rear View of wireless version

Check out the NEW MODEL Chiayo Focus 505 Pro
at NOW!
Its lighter, more powerful, and has a longer battery life!

from $649
(Includes plug-in mic & lead)

Focus stand
Chiayo Focus stand ST40

This stand is recommended for Marriage Celebrants for both professionalism and performance.
we include one with the Focus U1 and U2 Celebrant Packages.
Focus handy carry bag
Hardy padded carry/shoulder bag is included. Mesh front, rear zippered flap, and a hole in the bottom (so you can use it on the stand whilst still in the bag)

This bag is included in the Celebrant U1 and U2 packages.

Even though the Chiayo Focus 505 is easy to carry, a shoulder carry bag makes the job a breeze! It is water resistant and has lots of zippered pockets for your headset, microphone and other bits! We include one free with all Chiayo Focus PA units.
Spare Parts
and Batteries
Click to see a sample of
We can supply replacement rechargeable batteries, beltpack transmitters, aerials, headset lapel or handheld microphones, for many brands of portable PA systems.

Email us with brand and model (and frequency if applicable) - we will get back to you quickly!

Email Roy at for more information, pricing or advice