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Maton Mastersound
Maton Mastersound MS500 and case Maton Mastersound MS500 with Trans Green paint, gold hardware and cream s/plate Mastersound Beautiful Maton Mastersound. As sold (new) by us originally in 2007.
Model MS500 with custom-selected Transparent Green finish, Cream scratch-plate and Gold Hardware. Made in Australia of course! Complete in Maton deluxe hard case.


Firm Price
USA Gibson SG
Gibson SG Standard. Made in USA in 2010 and in pristine condition in original case. (Case has stickers on it) Made in USA in 2010 and in pristine condition in original case. (Case has stickers on it)
Top condition USA SG from Gibson (2010). Transparent red and in original hard case. (Case has stickers but, so what?)


Ibanez GRX170
Ibanez RGX170
Stylish electric that will catch the eye. Ibanez Powersound pickups - humbucker/single/humbucker, maple neck, rosewood 22 fret fingerboard. Good condition and includes a deluxe gig-bag.

SOLD! $215
Dean MLX
DEAN MLX - Complete with bullethole-stickers and DIME-stickers
DEAN MLX - if you are in to weird shaped guitars, this is for you!DEAN MLX - if you are in to weird shaped guitars, this is for you!
You will be the only one on the block with one of these! Lightweight Dean MLX X explorer-style electric with matt black finish. Has been "customised" by the addition of bullet-hole fret marker stickers and DIME stickers. Otherwise, it is in great condition, and includes hard case!

6-guitar Display Stand
Tripod-leg two-tier guitar display stand (ex shop use)
Have you got lots of guitars taking up too much room? Check this out... For just $45 your favourite six guitars will be OUT OF THE WAY!

We have TWO available. Suit shop use!
New Price is $99


Pick-up only. ALL SOLD

Nice electric-acoustic w/3-band EQ & cutaway...

Hannah Montana!
Hannah Montana steel string acoustic
One for the girly girls! Steel string folk-sized acoustic in reasonable condition.

SOLD $50
Behringer Xenyx Mixer
Used Behringer Xenyx mixer & power supply
Xenyx 1002FX 10 channel mixer (2x XLR, 5x sereo Jack) with effects. Includes p/supply

SKB-1916 Shock Mount Cart
This is what is for sale! SKB Shock Mount Trolley CartSKB shock-mount cart (Rack-case shown is not for sale!).
This is NOT 2nd hand, but it is "Demo stock". (Rack-case shown for display purposes only and is not for sale!) RRP of the cart is $479.
(Thats 60% OFF)
Suitcase style PA Speaker Trolley Bag
PA 2-speaker trolley-bag. (Suitcase handle is broken, but the extendable handle and trolley wheels are fine).
Factory 2nd with BROKEN HANDLE. Trolley handle and wheels are fine. Designed to take 2 PA speakers up to about 12kg each. New RRP is $249.

Solid Spruce Top with a nice vintage-looking satin finish. Super low action..
$229 SOLD

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