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Closedown Price

Zoom H2n Digital Recorder
Zoom H2n complete with accessory pack

Record in stunning Surround Sound with the revolutionary mid-mics, and much much more!

Including Accessory Pack!
Just 1 left at this price

Yes, we ship Zoom anywhere in Australia

250w Powered PA Speaker
Pic shows front and rear view of Proel Flash12 powered speaker
The Proel FLASH12 is a high quality 250w powered speaker that can be used for a wide variety of applications requiring speakers to accurately reproduce the whole audio range while delivering quality sound and high efficiency.

Thanks to its compact size and exceptional portability, FLASH12 is the perfect choice for musicians and small bands either as FOH or Foldback.

RRP was $795.

One only floor stock model left at A RIDICULOUS
H5506 19" 6RU Rack Kit (made in Australia)
Never opened 6-space Rack Kit.Made in Australia
Complete flat-pack in original box and never assembled. With instructions.

Standard 19" rack width x 450mm high.
RRP is $200.

This extruded aluminium rack frame is finished in black to match most modern audio equipment. Equipment can be mounted from the front or rear as all uprights are fully punched. Matching 2-sides + top-panel set is available separately by order. Provision has been made for optional castors (or castor tray) to simply snap-fit if required.
That is way less than cost!
1 Only
MP50 19" Split rack unit.
Dual receiver rack mount plus 1/2 rack filler plate
Suits all 19" rack units. For mounting any two half-rack units such as wireless receivers, bluetooth players etc. Bonus MP12 Blank filler plate FREE!
RRP over $50each. Sale price $20ea or $30 for two
2 Only available
Essex 10 Acoustic Guitar Amp
Why use an amp designed for an electric guitar?
This 10w amp is designed to reproduce acoustic tones, and at this Closedown Sale price, it is a BARGAIN!
RRP is $129.
Brand New and only 1 left!
Zoom Accessory pack for Zoom Q3HD recorder
Accessory Pack for Zoom Q3HD
Just ONE LEFT... and look at the price! RRP $49.

All of our remaining books (including TAB, Recorded Versions, PVG) by Crowded House, Deep Purple, 100 Easy Guitar, Musicals & Film folios, Adele etc, as well as ALL Instruction series by Fletcher, Dulcie Holland, some AMEB, Shearer, Progressive Guitar etc) are all UNDER HALF PRICE on Gumtree.
$5 each
EMG-81 Pickup
Active humbucker pickup by EMG includes solderless instal kit
HALF RRP! Popular active Humbucker pickup - normally used in the bridge position (Zakk Wylde) but can be used in both neck position as well (Kirk Hammett).

Includes EMG's unique "solderless instal" system.
(RRP $170)

One Only!
Alesis Audiolink (pic shows XLR version)
Alesis Audiolink analogue-to-digital convertor. Pic shows XLR version
Analogue-to-Digital Convertor.
The Alesis Audiolink series makes it easy to direct-connect nearly any instrument or other line-level audio source; or dynamic microphone; turntable, CD player or mixer to USB for direct recording to youw Windows or Mac computer. The AudioLink Series USB-audio cable outputs studio quality 16-bit, 44.1 kHz digital audio thanks to its internal analog-to-digital conversion system.
Your all-in-one USB audio solution!
All we have left is the Phono/RCA to USB version (RRP $75)

$40. LAST ONE!

$10 shipping anywhere in Oz!
Violin peg cutter U.S.A. made traditional peg shaver adjustable to any taper. Machined aluminium. Suit violins from 1/4 to 4/4 size. RRP is $220.

Waaay under half price!
(1 only)

Speaker Top Hats 35mm metal Top Hats (for in-speaker use). RRP is $8each

$5 PAIR!
Only 3prs available
Or all 6 for $10!
ALL "in-stock" Music Songbooks and Single Sheets AT LEAST 60% OFF!

AT LEAST 60% OFF all "in-stock" AMEB, Alfreds, Progressive, Suzuki, Orpheus, Piano For Leisure, Blitz, Fletcher, Master Your Theory etc.

All "in-stock" Bastien $5, Save over 60% on ALL "in-stock" print music books....
XLR-TRS leads
6m female XLR (cannon) to 6.35mm TRS Jack
XLR-female Cannon to 6.35 TRS Jack audio/instrument lead 6m (20ft) in length.

Normally $20 each.....

TWO for $10!

Strictly while stocks last
Gibraltar Hi-hat Tambourine holder
Mount any tambourine to your Hi-Hats with this Gibraltar SC-101 clamp. Fits any 9.5mm to 10.5mm shaft.
RRP is $26....
Qty still available: 2