Portable battery powered P.A. systems, wireless microphones, voice savers tc - to suit speakers, meetings, sports carnivals, marriage celebrants, schools, auctioneers spruikers, buskers - we have the portable PA for you!

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Acoustic, Classical and Electric Guitar Pickups (not Dimarzio)

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 Brand/ Model Details Our Price Postage (Australia)
Cherub Budget clip-on soundhole pickup. Suit nylon or steel string acoustic. Comes with fitted cable and jack. $15 $8 Freight in OZ
Belcat Budget clip on twin-transducer pickup suits classic or acoustic guitars
Budget clip-on soundhole pickup with two Piezo contact transducers. Suits both classic (nylon) and acoustic (steel) guitars. Comes with removable 2metre lead (3.5mm - 6.35mm)
$35 $8 Freight in OZ
Schaller 723 Oyster (bug) style pickup. External. $75 $8 Freight in OZ
Schaller 721 Oyster (bug) style pickup. Internal. $59 $8 Freight in OZ
Shadow SJ2001 Basic Soundhole pickup. 12ft cable. $99 $8 Freight in OZ
Shadow SJ2000 Soundhole pickup as above but with volume & tone controls. 12ft cable. $129 $8 Freight in OZ
Shadow SJ711 Single 'bug' sensor with 1 foot cable & 1/4" socket. Also available in 2,3 & 4 sensor versions $75 $8 Freight in OZ
Shadow SJ712 Shadow. German made twin-transducer pickup suits classic or acoustic guitars.Twin 20mm transducers with 300mm lead & 6.35mm socket ready for guitar lead. (Available in 1,2 3, 4 transducer versions from $75-$149). $99 $8 Freight in OZ
Shadow SJ1900 Classical $199 Free Freight in OZ


'Other brand' electric guitar pickups - click HERE for Dimarzio

 Brand/ Model Details Price Postage (Australia)
WSC         WS40B Basic but powerful humbucker. $29 $8 Freight in OZ
WSC             ST6 Basic standard single coil. Also available in 7-string for $35 $25 $8 Freight in OZ
WSC             SHP Twin Blade humbucker (single coil size). High output. $35 $5 Freight in OZ

Buy 2 or more WSC pickups and pay only $10 freight total (Oz only).

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