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Alesis MicLink
Convert any dynamic mic to a USB with this nifty analogue-digital convertor!
Convert any dynamic or condensor mic to a USB mic by replacing the lead with this nifty 5m lead with built-in analogue-to-digital convertor!
(NOTE: A condensor mic will also need a Phantom Power Supply - not included)
AKG P5/P5s
Better than it's price would make you think, this entry level mic from AKG is exceptional value for the Lead or Karaoke singer or for vocal presentations.

Includes mic clip and zippered pouch.

(+$10 for Switch version)
Similar to above but designed for backing vocals or for use as an instrument mic.

Includes mic clip and zippered pouch.

(+$10 for Switch version)
AMS microphone with detachable 5m cable (jack plug), pouch and clip
Budget vocal/karaoke mic with separate 5m lead (1/4" jack plug only), mic clip and zippered pouch.

One of our best selling microphones.
SM58 microphone by Shure
The Shure SM58 is probably the biggest selling stage mic in the world! First produced in 1966, the 58's specs are a bit dated now, but still a very strongly built mic and still very popular for stage due to its reputation for being extremely robust. $199
SHURE SM57 Always popular $179
Budget mic from Chiayo with 5m lead, clip & pouch. XLR or Jack
Durable budget microphone that is the best around for the price. Includes 4.5m lead & clip.
Available with either jack or XLR plug.


(Jack or XLR)
Ashton Budget vocal/karaoke mic with mic clip and separate 5m lead. In hard plastic case with either XLR-XLR or XLR-Jack lead. $59
Lectern / Gooseneck Microphones
Neatron Dynamic and Condensor Gooseneck Lectern Microphones Neatron and AKG Dynamic and Condensor Gooseneck Lectern Microphones
We can supply high quality gooseneck microphones for most lectern applications.
Brands: Neatron, AKG, Shure.
Paging Microphones
Retail Paging Microphone on curl cord Fixed Gooseneck Paging Microphone Desktop Paging Microphone
We can supply paging microphones to suit Office, Warehouse or Retail applications From $109
Boundary Conference Microphones
Boundary conference microphone
Available for phantom-powered systems, or with seperate phantom power adapter Neatron from $149
Microphone Stands
Microphone stands are available in all shapes, sizes and price points.
Straight and boom microphone stands - some with one-hand adjustment, by QuickLok, Extreme, Proel, & OnStage. From
$39 - $109
RODE Boom-Pole BoomPole by Rode
2m Rode Mini Boom Pole
Last One!

RODE Dead Cat Rode Dead Cat
Suits NTG1 & NTG2 shotgun microphones
MA347 Gooseneck mic stand Handy desk microphone stand has heavy base and 12" flexible gooseneck.

Popular for use at meetings.
pop filter 6" Pop Filter (attaches to any mic stand by spring clip included). Nylon mesh. $22
Better quality 6" Pop Filter similar to above but with metal mesh and 12" flexible gooseneck for exact multi-positioning.
Attaches to mic stand via sturdy screw-clamp. Metal mesh.
Pack of 6 BLACK Six Proel BLACK foam microphone wind shields (to suit the "normal" SM58-style mics)
$19 Pack of 6
Pack of 5 assorted colours Pack of five coloured foam microphone wind shields (suit "normal" style mics, such as the SM58)
(Note: Pack contains 5 assorted colours)
$15 pack of 5
Rubberised mic clips - good quality Good quality rubberised mic clips fit all mic stands $9
(specify wireless or wired mic)

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