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Learn To Play

Shop Closing Down Sale! %50 OFF ALL "in-stock" Books & Sheet Music, DVDs, Progressive, AMEB, Bastien, Theory, EZ Play, John Thompson, Complete Guitar Player, Orheus, Fletcher, Berklee, PVG, TAB, EZ Play etc

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Progressive Guitar Book, DVD & CD Written by Australians Turner & White, this is our best selling Learn To Play series. Book one starts out with the absolute basics and continues with over 50 examples. $25 Book, DVD & CD. NOW $12.50
Girls Guitar Method Book & CD Yep! Designed especially for girls in the 9-15 age bracket. Full of girlie songs and girlie pictures and featuring girl guitars! $29.95 NOW $15
Mel Bay Guitar Method Bk & CD The worlds best selling method book. Over 8,000,000 (yes, thats 8 million!) have been sold! Now includes CD. $29.95 NOW $15
Rock Chops Bk & CD This is a technique book written for the guitarist who ha mastered the basics and can read music, knows his scales and a bit of theory. If you want to SHRED at volume "11", this is your book! $39.95 now $20
Scales & Modes (Tab) Learning scales & modes will help every aspiring guitarist gain a command of the fretboard. Learn why, not just how. $29.95 NOW $15
Complete Guitar Player Bk & CD Russ Shipton's best selling series focuses initially on rhythm playing. Learn songs faster. Lots of popular examples to learn from Beatles, Elton John etc without getting bogged down in reading music $29.95 NOW $15
Absolute Beginners Guitar Video 50 minutes tape is a complete step by step guide. Includes 32 page booklet. $30.00 NOW $15
Fretboard Roadmaps DVD Learn the moveable fretboard patterns all the pro's use! Fred Sokolow $29.95 NOW $15
Guitar Grimoire DVD Unlock the secrets of the guitar with this DVD from Adam Kadmon. Scales, Modes, Patterns, Transposing etc. $49.95 NOW $25
Progressive Keyboard Bk & CD Australians Scott & Turner teach you basic keyboard $24.95 NOW $12.59
Progressive Piano Bk & CD Australians Scott & Turner teach you Piano from beginner level $29.95 NOW $15
Of course we also stock the well known series such as AMEB, John Thompson, Leila Fletcher, Bastien, Alfreds etc
Back To Basics DVD Dave Weckl is one of the world's most respected drummers. This 72 minute DVD takes you through the fundamentals including hand & foot technique, practice, set-up. $49.95 NOW $25
Absolute Beginners Drums Video Complete step by step guide $30.00 NOW $!5
Beginner Clarinet Bk & CD Introduction to the fundamentals of C $29.95 NOW $15
A Tune A Day In stock to suit students of Flute, Clarinet, Sax, Violin etc from $15.95 NOW $8
Learn As You Play Flute Peter Wastall's famous method has been a consistent seller for over 20 years. $29.95 NOW $15
IRISH INSTRUMENTS (Also see our Irish page)
Waltons Triple Pack Black Guiness tin whistle PLUS instruction book PLUS demonstration CD $39.95 NOW $32 till sold out
Bodhran video Tommy Hayes tells and shows all about playing the Bodhran, Spoons and Bones in this informative video. Available on order. Sold out
VIOLINS ALL 50% OFF original price ("in-stock" books only)
SINGING ALL 50% OFF original price ("in-stock" books only)

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