Bodhrans Traditional Irish musical instruments ( Irish drums) & beaters ( tippers), tin / Penny & Howard whistles, tutor books, DVDs and CDs, Irish sheet music, song lyrics etc. Australia-wide delivery.

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Gaelic Cross Bodhran

Gaelic Cross (formerly Celtic Cross)
This is our best seller by far!
Celtic Animals Bodhran

Celtic Animals
Plain traditional bodhran pack includes carry-bag, beater & DVD

Plain Traditional Bodhran
8" w/- beater only (no box, DVD or bag) $34.95
12" Gift Boxed with beater $50 [ONE LEFT]
18" Gift Boxed with beater, bag & DVD $119
8" Not available
12" Gift Boxed with beater & DVD $79.95

18" Gift Boxed with beater, bag & DVD $90 ONE LEFT
8" Souvenir size with beater only $34.95
12" in plain box with beater only $69.95
15" Gift Boxed with beater, carry bag & DVD $109
18" Gift Boxed with beater, carry bag & DVD $119

The above Bodhrans are all we have left in stock. Please email or phone us before visiting the store for a particular design!)

Padded bodhran bag - fits all 18inch bodhrans
Padded gig bag $25
Waltons beaters. (See codes below)

Waltons hardwood bodhran beaters (also called tippers) $22each

Waltons small softwood bodhran beaters
Padded gig bag Fits all 18" Bodhrans
Left to Right: WMB22(24cm)---WMB23(Yes, it is 24cm although the pic looks short!)---WMB24(20cm)---WMB25(20cm)---WMB26(19.5cm)---WMB27(20cm)---WMB28(22.5cm)no longer has notch ---WMB29(17.5cm)---WMB30(22.5cm)
$22 each
Waltons softwood bodhran beaters to suit 8" (WMB08) and 12" (WMB12) bodhrans $8each/$10each