Portable battery powered P.A. systems, wireless microphones, voice savers tc - to suit speakers, meetings, sports carnivals, marriage celebrants, schools, auctioneers spruikers, buskers - we have the portable PA for you!

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Bass Guitar Amps

At Merrylands Music we have access to, or stock, a range of bass guitar amplifiers suitable for home, church or school, and semi-professional use ranging from 10 watts to 400 watts. If you don't see what you want, just drop us a line - we'll see what we can do!

Brand/Model (click for info) Picture (not to scale) Description
Our Price
Ashton BA20 BA15 15 watt bass amp by Ashton Bass bedroom blaster! The neighbours won't complain but your Mum will!
available on order
Laney LX10B Laney 10w Bass practice amp The Laney entry-level bass amp puts out 10watts through it's 5inch speaker. 2-band EQ, Shape switch, headphone socket for silent bedroom practice.
Laney Richter Laney Richter 15w bass amp The Richter Series features 7 (yes, seven) models from $249 to $995, with outputs of 15w (8inch), 30w (10inch), 65w (12inch), 160w (15inch), 165w (upright 15inch), 300w (2x10inch), and 300W (upright 15inch)! Except where noted, all are the kick-back style.
$229 to $899
Various Footswitches are available to suit all of the above amps. Please emails us for details.
from $39